Thesis advising and mentoring

Franz Beer Chaverri: una exploración histórica alrededor de la experimentación. 1982-1994
Franz Beer Chaverri: a historical exploration around experimentation. 1982-1994 by Jeremy Salazar Aguilar.
This thesis project was awarded with special funding by the University of Costa Rica due to its quality. Image credit: Jeremy Salazar and Franz Beer

La sede del Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos: Concurso, diseño y objeto arquitectónico.
The headquarters of the Federated Association of Engineers and Architects: Competition, design and architectural object.
by Adriana Corrales Rodríguez
Image credit: Adriana Corrales Rodríguez.

Ensamblajes: Proyectos ganadores, tendencias y paisajes tropicales en la Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura 1996-2018
Assemblages: Winning projects, trends and tropical landscapes at the International Architecture Biennale 1996-2018
by Julio Matamoros Alberty
Image credit: Julio Matamoros Alberty

Thesis title: “Exhibir lo tropical: Imágenes en la VIII Bienal Internacional Estudiantil. Costa Rica 2018” by Jose Daniel Picado García.

Did your boyfriend help you do this? Women studying architecture. An exhibition developed by Zetty Alonso, Irena Fonseca, and other students.